Lots of educational organizations were closed due to the huge amount of snow across the Midwest

This year winter isn’t typical for this region.

Unbelievably cold and snowy weather on the Midwest made government to close the colleges as it was impossible to continue studying process. There were not enough equipment and special transport to deal with the consequences of bad weather.

According to the decision Campus of the University of Michigan’ administration at Ann Arbor, it wouldn’t be closed until the end of the week and students were recommended not to stay outside more than for 10 minutes if they didn’t want to get frostbite.

Exasperated students began their agitation against the University’ decision to continue studying after the traffic accident happened with the campus bus which driver lost control on the icy road.

The main theme of student’s petition was to respect their opinion and pay more attention to the situation, especially with available transport as it would be dangerous getting to work or class on foot.

Finally, the university agreed with the student’s requirements and cancelled the classes.

The scale of troubles became disturbing.

More than three big educational institutes had to stop working due to low temperature and high level of snow. Medicine workers advised carefully protects the skin of the body and face to prevent frostbite and in situations when it was impossible not to go outside.

Officials of Minnesota State University at Mankato said that they very seldom close the campus as their region is equipped for cold winter, but in exclusive situations (like this one) when the bad weather can damage the system of communication among different educational, transport and administrative structures it would be the inevitable step. The safety of students and staff is the priority for the university.

When the weather became worse campus administration began monitoring the situation and sustained the communication with many organizations to prevent the confusions.

The university took actions to protect students from all possible unexpected situations connected with the bad weather. They organized special places on campus where students who couldn’t return homes could stay during the night. The other step was starting a backup power system to prevent a random power failure.

The other important thing that university administration had done was informing people about changing weather conditions through the local TV news.

But even the worst weather in history can’t prevent young people from staying fashion. The largest newspaper in Minnesota published the photo of students on the background of snow and their clothes weren’t prepared to such cold weather but (what is most important for them) didn’t make them look stupid wearing warm and big “granny” clothes.